Permissions Smart Guess requires

When Smart Guess is first installed or when key changes are made to the app users need to grant the solution the following access:

Users need to “Allow access” when opening Smart Guess for the first time
Once “Allow access” is clicked, all required permissions are listed


Where the heading says:

“Smart Guess for Sprint Planning would like to access your Atlassian account”

The following table describes the permissions Smart Guess requires and why they are needed:

Required permissions

Why is it needed?

View Jira issue data

Allows Smart Guess to read the issue key in order to retrieve current state of the planning session for the issue. Furthermore retrieve current story point value to show users if story points needs saving.

View user profiles

Used to identify who has joined the planning session, who has given an estimate and retrieve users name, profile picture displayed to users.

Create and manage issues

Allows Smart Guess to:

  1. check if the story point field can be updated

  2. save the story point value selected

View user profile

Used to retrieve the following information about the currently logged-in user:

  1. has the user already joined the planning session

  2. current estimate

App storage scope

Allows Smart Guess to store current state of the planning session for the current issue. In other words; what users have joined and their estimates. No personal data is stored by Smart Guess. Only references to Jira user accounts.

Share data with domain:

Service allowing key user actions to be shared with users who have joined the planning session. Critical so that the team can view the team estimates at the same time, see who has joined and given an estimate - when it happens.